6 October 2012

Burglary - track your cell phone or laptop

In the past few months there have been quite a few break-ins and robberies. Among the items stolen are electronic items such as cell phones, iPads, laptops and desktop pc’s. Fortunately for us as residents we are able to track certain items using the software provided (Provided you activate this software) by two of these manufacturers (Blackberry and Apple). This means that you can possibly retrieve items such as Blackberry Cell phones, iPhones, Macbook’s, iMac’s and iPad’s.

We suggest that every resident with one or more of these devices activates the software and makes sure that it is working correctly.

How to activate 'Find My iPhone'. (Works on macbook, iPad and iPhone)
1.      Make sure your device is running iOS 5.
To update to the latest version of iOS, just connect your device to your Mac or PC and follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes. (Requires iTunes 10.5 or later.)
If you’re setting up a new iOS device, go to the Settings Menu, tap General and tap Software Update to see if there’s an update available.

2.      Turn on iCloud.
When you turn on a new iOS device or after you’ve completed the update to iOS 5, follow the instructions in the setup assistant to activate your device and set up iCloud.
If you skipped the setup process, tap the Settings icon on the Home screen, select iCloud, then enter your Apple ID.

3.      Customise your settings.
Tap the Settings icon and select iCloud. Tap the On/Off switches to enable individual iCloud services. To enable iCloud Backup, tap Storage & Backup and turn on iCloud Backup. Make sure that you switch ‘Find My iPhone’ to “ON”.

4.      Test ‘Find My iPhone’.

How to activate Blackberry Protect (Blackberry Devices).

1.      On the Home screen or in the Downloads folder, click the Blackberry Protect icon.
2.      To accept the terms of the license agreement, click I Agree.
3.      Click Continue.
4.      Type your Blackberry® ID login information.
5.      Click Next.
6.       Complete the instructions on the screen.

Please make sure that these devices are secured with a password and please DO NOT block the SIM card through your provider until you/SAPS have tried to locate the device.

Suggestions regarding your alarm:

Ensure you have a duress code programmed into your alarm system. This will silence/disarm your alarm system while sending a duress/ambush code through to your SSP. In these situations they DO NOT phone you first, but rather immediately dispatch a response vehicle. The problem of the "help" being on the outside still remains, but I'd rather have them arrive KNOWING it is a holdup situation than no one arriving at all.

Install a SECOND safe in your house for your actual valuables. Use the first (old) safe as a decoy, but make sure it looks legitimate by leaving a reasonable amount of money (cash), maybe an old watch and some non valuable jewelery in it. And when I say watch, I don't mean an old Casio watch :-)

This will require your SSP control room operators to be trained to work in this manner. If you do give the WRONG password, the SSP operator must not tell you it is wrong. They must accept what you have to say and react as if everything is in order, say thank you and good bye and end the call, THEN dispatch an armed response.

This note does not constitute legal advice, and the author does not accept any responsibility or liability for any consequences flowing there-from. At best, it is a discussion document, purely for the information of the reader. You must obtain professional advice, taking into account your specific circumstances before the appropriate decision is made, and cause of action chosen. E&OE.

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  1. Thanks for this valuable information. I am new to Blackberry and was needed the same. I was not familiar with this and was just trying to do it, my way. But everything was worthless. But this article is really very helpful.
    Thanks again for this great help!!